Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She's Like A Puppy, Only Better

There are quite a few similarities between having a baby and a puppy.  Macy follows me around everywhere I go.  But instead of walking she crawls behind me.  And as I type this she is chewing on my couch cushion.  Earlier, I caught her chewing on my purse.  Just like a puppy.

I bet you're thinking, yeah, but she doesn't poop on the floor.  Oh, but she has.  About a month or so ago, she took her diaper off AND POOPED ON THE FLOOR.  Another time, she had such a big explosion in her pants her diaper failed and there was poopy on my floor.  I even snapped a picture.....

Am I a horrible mother for taking a picture instead of cleaning her up?  Well, I felt really bad about taking this picture because about 0.746 seconds later she stuck her hand in the poop.  In hindsight, I probably should have cleaned her up.  Ehh, oh well.  Now I have a picture for her memory book :)

She is also like a puppy in that she gets SUPER excited when I talk to her in a happy, high pitched voice. Just like a dog would.  If she had a tail, it would wag.  She also licks my face to show her appreciation.  It's her special way of saying I love you.  

But she is so much better than a puppy.  He smiles make my day and her laughs are infectious.  There is no better feeling than having her reach her arms up at me with a big toothy grin.  I have never been so proud of something in my life.  It's amazing to see her learn new things everyday.  Today she discovered how to whisper.  So she has spent most of the day whispering "da-da".  And I have spent most of my day tearing up watching her enthusiastically discover the world.  

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