Wednesday, September 30, 2009

29 Week Poll!

How far along? 29 weeks and 4 days. Only 73 more days!!
Total weight gain/loss: I am up 25 lbs. Oops, I ate a TON of sweets last week, including 75% of Jason's birthday cake
Maternity clothes? Ugh, I have very few clothes that fit me anymore. I refuse to buy anymore maternity prepared to see me in the same 3 outfits!!
Stretch marks? Still just on my right hip
Sleep: Not too good these days.
Best moment this week: Finding out I don't have gestational diabetes!
Food cravings: Still Dr. Pepper
Gender: This week I am thinking it's a girl
Labor Signs: Nope!
Button in or out? In
What I miss: Having normal size ankles. Seriously, my ankles are the size of a 2-liter of soda!
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy everything about my pregnancy.....even the swollen ankles!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Funny How Things Change!

Yesterday I was thinking about myself 1 year ago and boy how things have changed! Prior to my pregnancy I knew I wanted a baby but I was afraid that I was too selfish of a person ever to love a baby more than myself. In my mind, having a baby meant sacrifices not only monetarily but emotionally and physically as well. I was convinced that I wouldn't be half the mom my mother is. I remember thinking "Gosh, it will really suck when I have a kid and I can't buy the new shoes I want because the baby needs diapers" or "Hmmm, having a kid will really cut into my social life." Hearing those thoughts now makes me cringe. I am embarrassed to admit that I once thought like that!! Even without ever meeting my little one I know without a doubt my baby will come first in my life. I can't wait until the baby is here so I can spend my time home with the baby seeing all his/her milestones first hand. I now envision my Saturday nights with Jason and I sitting in our living room, with the TV in the background, playing with baby. What a far cry for our Saturday nights a year ago! The funny thing is, given the choice, I would gladly sit at home with our baby vs. going to a bar (well, that is on a regular basis.....never say never!). In a way it makes me sad that I was too self centered to see that loving someone else more than yourself provides a better satisfaction in life.

I might not be as great of a mother as my mom but I know without a doubt I will give my all to making my baby's life as wonderful and safe as possible! Only 75 days until the baby is here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

28 Week Poll!!

Sorry for the lack of posts in my blog in the past month. I have been distracted by other things in my life but I promise to become a regular poster again!

How far along? 28 weeks and 3 days. Only 81 more days to go!!
Total weight gain/loss: I am up 21.9 lbs (not quite ready to say 22 lbs)
Maternity clothes? Without a doubt YES!! I think at this point even my flowy non-maternity tops no longer fit
Stretch marks? Just on my right hip. I am waiting for another stretch mark explosion to happen any day now
Sleep: Oh gez.......NO! I don't think I have slept more than 8 hours over the last week and a half. I know it's getting bad when complete strangers comment on how tired I look.
Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move. I don't think that will ever get old! Also, we finally got the baby's room painted but I HATE the color - I see more painting in my future!
Food cravings: Dr. Pepper. I know it's not recommended that pregnant women drink caffeine but that is SERIOUSLY ALL I WANT!
Gender: Hmm, I am not so confident it's a boy anymore. Either way I will be happy with what God gives us!
Labor Signs: None, thank goodness
Button in or out? Still in
What I miss: Sleep!! But, it might be years before I get any
What I am looking forward to: Holding our baby for the first time
Weekly Wisdom: Don't sweat the small stuff. As long as the baby has love the baby will be happy!