Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Catch a Baby by its Toe.....

Since Macy is getting older, she is becoming increasingly mobile.  It's exciting to see her make all her milestones but it's also a sad reminder that she is growing up quickly.  Too quickly.  She is on the go every second she is awake.......even during diaper changes  ::sigh::  And today, I was forced to grab my baby by her foot as she was crawling away from me diaper less and covered in poop.

Ever since I brought Macy home from the hospital I have been changing her diapers on our bed.  The diaper changing table I bought for her nursery still sits unpacked in its box waiting to be returned to Target.  I have never assembled it nor have I ever missed it.  It's just more convenient to change her diapers on our bed with a water proof pad underneath her.  We have had a few mishaps over the last 8 months but nothing like today.......

I was feeding Macy her breakfast when I saw an intense look of concentration come over her.  I knew it could only mean one thing........she was leaving me a gift in her diaper.  Nice.  First thing in the morning nonetheless.  So, I carefully got her out of her highchair (because sometimes she leaves me a really big gift that can seep out the sides of the diaper) and brought her to my bedroom so I could change her diaper.  As soon as I got her poop filled diaper off she rolled over and took off crawling like a bat out of hell.  And she was covered in poop.  OMG.  In one hand, I had an impressive poopy diaper that was loaded to the max and the other hand was trying to catch my poop covered baby from brushing up against my pillows, my headboard, my sheets and/or the remote control.  All I could do was reach out and grab her foot and yell "no baby!!".  OMG, she screamed like she was suffering real abuse.  She wanted no part of the diaper change and she voiced her displeasure.  It in no way bothered her that she was covered in poop.  

So I reluctantly put down the poopy diaper, even though I didn't have a chance to fold it properly so the poop would not be exposed.  And I reached over and grabbed my diaper less, poop covered daughter so I could clean her up.  This is when the real crying started.  I think it's safe to say that this was Macy's first full on temper tantrum.  OMG, did she yell.  The more I wiped her butt the louder she screamed.  Finally, I got a clean diaper on her but not after having to use some wrestling techniques in order to hold her still.  Once her diaper was on I picked her up and she stopped yelling.  It was like nothing had happened.  

But whoa, I have never seen her cry like that.  I have heard from other toddler moms that diaper changes are when the meltdowns happen in their house.  If today was just a glimpse of what is yet to come, then someone please invent the DVD's series called "You Baby Can Use the Potty".  I want to hear about 3 month olds who use the potty unassisted on infomercials late at night.  I would gladly fork over $250 at 3:30 AM for that DVD series and be done with diaper changes all together.  

Who would have ever thought the child with this sweet little face could tun into such a monster in 2 seconds flat?

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