Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why I'm Never Drinking Again.....

I've decided that I'm never drinking again.  After my experience on Saturday, I'm throwing in the towel and giving up drinking for good.  BTW, I say this periodically and inevitably I wind up drinking again.  Umm, yikes, with that last statement it sounds like I am a alcoholic trying to kick the habit.  But the truth is I hardly ever drink and when I do it's not very much.  Therefore, it's easy for me to get a little tipsy.  

Anyway, here's my story.  Nothing too exciting but I learned my lesson......

Every once in a while I have a day where I hit overload.  It doesn't happen too often (maybe once a month) but when it does, I need find a way to unwind.  Well, my overload day was Friday.  Macy and I ran errands, had a play date and went to the vet with one of our dogs (which BTW, is close to impossible to try hold a baby and control a dog by yourself.  But I managed......just barely, but I managed).  We planned to have a few friends over that night so I had the added stress of making sure the house was "company ready" and making sure we had enough food to feed everyone.  

By the time 7:30 rolled around (Macy's bedtime) I was looking forward to some kid free time.  Well, wouldn't you know that would be the night that Macy would fight sleep.  I guess it was my fault.  Since we had such a busy day prior, her nap time got moved back a few hours which screwed everything up.  Her schedule was blown and I was going to pay for it.  Ugh.  1.5 hours later, Macy finally gave up and feel asleep.  It was 9 PM and I had completely neglected my house guests.  I was ready for a drink.  

I guess it was my frazzled nerves that made me feel so daring, but I had three glasses of wine that night.  I was having such a good time acting like a normal person rather than a mom.  The wine went down easy and I knew I was going to pay for it come Saturday morning.  Thankfully I stopped myself at three glasses but could have easy gone for more.  I had a pretty good buzz but I remember my 7:30 AM wake up call from Miss Macy.  I knew if I didn't stop there I was going to be miserable.  So as a preemptive measure I took and Advil, had a sip of water and  prayed that my hangover would be kind to me in the morning.  

Come 3:30 AM I woke up DYING of thirst.  So I reluctantly got out of bed and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge.  I took a swig and instantly felt the heaviness from the cold water in my stomach.  Ugh.  Great.  So I sat in bed for two hours debating on whether I should throw up or not.  You know that feeling after you have been drinking, right?  You have an internal debate regarding the pros and cons of throwing up.  And it takes total concentration not to burst into a violent puking attack.  "Maybe I would be lucky, puke one time, find instant relief, and wake up feeling like a million bucks" OR "I could open the flood gates and puke my brains out for hours on end.  Instead of waking up feeling like a million bucks the only thing I would wake up to was sore abs and a hangover."  Finally I feel asleep at 5:30 without puking.  

I am upset to say that I did not wake up at 7:30 feeling like a million buck but at least I didn't have sore abs either.  I just felt like shit.  And apparently, that Advil I took before bed did nothing but send my liver into overdrive because I had a wicked headache.  

Thankfully, it was a Saturday and Jason was kind enough to take over baby duty while I slept the first half of the morning.  I honestly don't know what I would have done had he been at work.  Unfortunately stay at home moms don't get a sick day.  

So from here on out, I swear to Gawd, I am never drinking again.  

And here is my obligatory picture of Macy!  She is such a happy baby..... 

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