Tuesday, June 30, 2009

16 Week Poll!!

How far along? 16 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: Sadly, I am up 6 lbs. I know I am suppose to gain weight but it's still a hard concept to embrace!
Maternity clothes? Yes, I don't know how I would live with out them!
Stretch marks? No, but my skin is stretching!! Hopefully I will be stretch mark free throughout the Pregnancy but I have a feeling I won't be so lucky
Sleep: Some days yes and some days no
Best moment this week: I think I have felt movement but I am not 100% sure. I am still waiting for that definite flutter where there is no doubt it's the baby!
Food cravings: Popsicles is what I crave these days
Gender: Honestly, it's a toss up. Although I am still slightly leaning to a boy
Labor Signs: Nope!
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: To be able to enjoy food again
What I am looking forward to: I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I am looking forward to hearing the heartbeat and knowing that everything is ok!
Weekly Wisdom: Embrace this pregnancy. It truly is a gift from God!

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