Friday, January 29, 2010

I Broke Down and Joined Weight Watchers

Through out the course of my pregnancy I gained a total of 60 lbs. Whoops. Initially I was nervous that I would never lose the weight. But surprisingly, 2 weeks post partum I dropped 47 lbs with 13 lbs remaining. I was impressed with myself to say the least. I thought the remaining 13 lbs would be a breeze to lose. I had no idea why people had such a hard time losing that "stubborn" pregnancy weight.

But now I know exactly what they were talking about. Eight weeks post partum I now have 15 lbs to lose......not 13 lbs. Yes, I gained weight. I wasn't prepared to GAIN weight especially while breastfeeding. Everyone swore to me I would drop the weight quickly if I breastfeed. The thing that makes this super frustrating is I am not eating bad at all. I'll admit that at the end of my pregnancy I ate horribly. I ate anything and everything I wanted. I used pregnancy as my justification to eat like a pig. But now I have self control. Now I am conscience of everything I put into my mouth.

So, in desperation I have joined Weight Watchers Online. At this point I just want to see the scale go in the opposite direction. They have a plan for breastfeeding mothers so I thought I would give it a shot for 3 months. Wish me luck to drop these remaining 15 lbs!!!

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