Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First Week Back to Work :(

I am sad to say that my Maternity Leave is up and I am back to work. It's day three and it hasn't gotten much better. I still get teary eyed when I leave Miss Macy in the morning with the baby sitter. The good news is we found someone to care for her who is great! The bad news is I have 9 less hours a day to spend with Macy. I can't believe how much I miss her. I wonder how moms across America do it everyday!!

On Monday I broke down and called the sitter to ask if I could spend my lunch break with Macy. But I have decided that I shouldn't make a habit of that because I don't want to invade the sitter's home. Now I have resorted to texting the sitter a few times a day to check up on my baby girl which seems like less of an invasion on the sitter....or at least I hope!
In other news, Macy is growing like a weed!! At her first week appointment Macy's weight dropped to 7lbs 3oz so the doctor had me supplement her with formula and the following week, Macy was up to 7 lbs 12 oz. At her 3 week appointment, Macy was up to 8 lbs 4 oz and she was FINALLY back up to her birth weight. At her one month appointment Macy weight 9 lbs even. Unfortunately, I am still having to supplement Macy with formula as my milk supply hasn't completely caught up with her intake. But I am still determined to make breast feeding work, so hopefully we'll get in sync soon! Macy has her 2 month appointment next Friday where she will be getting more vaccinations......which I think is worse on me than on her!! It breaks my heart to see her face when they prick her with a needle! She has no idea what's coming!
Here are some more pics of Macy! Sorry about the quality, they were taken on my cell phone.

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