Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2 Month Check Up

Yesterday was Macy's 2 month doctors appointment. She was scheduled to get a round of vaccinations which she did well with. She screamed but I was able to sooth her and she quieted down quickly. She was a tad fussy last night but it was nothing unmanageable.

However, Macy is still not gaining weight at an adequate rate. Yesterday she only weighed 10 lbs 7 oz. In the last month she gained a total of 1 lb 7 oz which is really low. I am confused by this and was caught off guard by her slow weight gain. I was expecting that she would weigh around 12 to 13 lbs. Honestly, we always have a bottle made for her and that's the first thing we offer when she starts to get fussy. The doctor told me I should continue giving Macy formula and I can supplement with pumped breast milk as well. She doesn't want me to nurse Macy anymore. She said this way I will be able to know exactly how much Macy is eating. Also, if Macy had it her way she would nurse off me 24 hours a day. She is a comfort nurser and will nurse even if I don't have any milk. Because she is a comfort nurser she is wasting calories that she needs to grow. So, I am going to give up our nursing sessions and stick to bottle feeding. The thing that worries me is sometimes at night Macy will refuse the bottle and ONLY want to nurse from me. Looks like this will be a habit we will have to break.

Ugh, breast feeding has really been a struggle for me. From day one I have had supply issues and I had to introduce formula to Macy at a young age. I have tried everything to get my milk supply up......herbs, teas and changes in my diet. But nothing has worked. It's frustrating because I really gave this whole breast feeding thing my best shot but my body just can't produce enough milk. I thought I was doing what's best for her but I caused her slow weight gain. I feel inadequate and a tad like a failure. I know I shouldn't feel this way but I do.

Anyway, I have to take Macy back in a month for a weight check. Hopefully she will grow like a weed over the next month!!

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