Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 Week Post Pregnancy Poll!

How far along? 2 weeks and 1 day since my C-Section
Total weight gain/loss: The day I delivered Macy I topped the scales with a 57 lbs weight gain.....whoops! I am happy to report that I am now down 45 lbs with only 15 lbs to drop!
Maternity Clothes? Yep, I am still wearing my maternity pants. I tried to squeeze my fat butt into some of my old jeans and I was unsuccessful.

Stretch Marks: Thank goodness I only I have the stretch marks on my hips that I developed early on in my pregnancy. All and all I am pleased that I am not covered in stretch marks after my 57 lbs weight gain.
Sleep: For the most part Macy does ok during the night (or at least she has over the last 4 nights.....knock on wood). I don't mind getting up with her during the night but I do wonder what it's like to go a whole 8 hours with uninterrupted sleep!

Best moment this week: Every moment I spend with Miss Macy. Already I can see developmental changes in her!
Food Cravings: Well, I have cut out junk food and I mostly eat Special K because it's quick and not bad for you
Gender: Still in shock that I had a baby girl!

Belly Button in or out? It's in but right now my belly has the consistency of a bowl of mashed potatoes
What I miss: Being able to leave my house for more than an hour at a time without planning when I will feed Macy next
Weekly Wisdom: Motherhood is so much different that I expected. I am more patient than I thought I would be, when she cries I want to cry with her because I hate that she is upset, changing dirty diapers is REALLY not that bad, breast feeding is harder than I thought, I miss her when I am more than 5 minutes away from her (even when I am taking a shower!) and I love her more than I ever imagined.

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Lauren said...

Great blog updates, Kathy! So happy for you :)