Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scratch That, My Kid WILL Eat!

I am proud to say that I have a eater on my hands!  I don't know what happened but she woke up Monday morning and decided that food is good.  I didn't post earlier about my excitement because I was afraid I might jinx it.  But now that we are going on Thursday, and she has had four successful days of EATING FOOD, I feel it's safe to announce it to the world (or to the two people who actually read this blog) - MY KID EATS SOLID FOOD!  

I am so incredibly excited, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  And now the doctor won't report me to CPS because she is convinced I am starving my child.  

But there is one tiny problem.  And it's a problem with me, not Macy.  I am a control freak and I am having the hardest time letting Macy explore feeding herself.  Like, I have to restrain myself from wiping her down every 10 seconds because food is smeared on her face or ::gasp:: on her hand and who knows what she will touch.  Honestly, I pace around her high chair and sometimes I have to even excuse myself to the next room just to resist the urge to give her a good wipe down.  Am I crazy?  Am I the only mom who fights these urges?  I see plenty of other pictures of babies covered in food on other blogs or Facebook.  Do their mom's not have mini panic attacks while they're eating?  Surely, I can't be the only one?  

OMG, and why do they make fabric covered high chairs?  The only thing I can think about while Macy is eating (other than, OMG my kid is finally eating solid food) is please, please, please don't touch the fabric with your gooey hands.  I know this is ridiculous because what is the worst thing that happens?  She makes a mess, gets the fabric nasty and I have to stick it through the washer.  So what?  This rationale doesn't sound so rational as she is making a mess.  Yeah, I am cra-zzzzyyyyy.  

I know most of you are thinking I am ridiculous and on this, I would say you're right.  But I promise, I let my girl eat and I don't bother her.  I only wipe her down after she has finished eating.  But in the mean time, I have to practice self control.  I know, I have issues, this is something that will just take some getting used to.

Check out how cute she is.  Even if food is smeared all over her face.  BTW, she eats naked because I think worrying about getting her outfit messy on top of the fabric on the highchair would send me into a tailspin......

Happy baby.....


KimR said...

Yay Macy! Aubrey eats naked, too, and I'm constantly swiping the spoon across her face to wipe off food she spit out. As for the high chair, ours is a plastic-y material that wipes down easily.

*Maybe* Baby ♥ Mama said...

Our journey has begun!… secretly though

If I’ve left you this message, you’re a follower of my original blog ~OR~ just someone I’ve happened upon while sending out these invites and that I would LOVE for to come along for the ride! Though I won’t be revealing who I am just yet – until we’re TO and THROUGH the first trimester! Just getting the word out about our new site – further explanation of all the secrecy and what we’re about on my first post. I’d love for you to stop by.

Exciting things going on around here!

~ the {secret} *Maybe* Baby Mama

Jessica said...

Awww!! Cute pictures! :) I can just imagine you saying "Excuse me, Macy. I need to step out but I will be right back." Haha. Have fun trying all kinds of foods!