Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear Little .04oz Baby Jason,

You are kicking your mama's butt! For the last 4 weeks I can't keep my eyes open. My once exciting life now consists of me sleeping on the couch or me sleeping in my bed. The food I once enjoyed now no longer tastes good. I am nauseous when I am hungry, I am nauseous when I eat. When I do find something I can manage to eat, I get this incredible heart burn that could be mistaken for heart attack pains. I think I make a trip to the bathroom every 2 hours - it's like clockwork. My boobs are so sore, I feel like my skin is going to bust (no pun intended). Little Baby Jason, you may be little but you have definitely made your presence known!!

Even with all my discomfort, I'll gladly take all the pain if that means you are growing to be big and strong!! Your well being is my top priority. The greatest gift I could ever receive is a healthy baby. So Little Baby Jason, do what you need to do and I will find a way to get through these next 32 weeks!

Joe Mama

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