Monday, May 11, 2009

I had my 2nd Ultrasound Last Friday!

Last Friday I was scheduled to have my second ultrasound. I could hardly sleep the night before. I was nervous since at my last ultrasound the tech scared the crap out of me! I convinced I was going to hear the dreaded words of "miscarriage". Jason was able to attend this appointment with me which I was greatful in case I needed moral support.

Once we were taken back to the ultrasound room we immediately were able to make out the baby on the screen. We could determine the head, the arms, and legs without the tech pointing out what was what. It was wonderful to see our squirming baby on the screen. What was even better was seeing the baby's heart flicker! The tech told us the baby had a healthy heartbeat at 177.....yes 177!! It was a big relief to hear it was that high after my last ultrasound. The baby measured bigger than the last ultrasound and the due date has officially been moved to December 12, 2009 (which seems like a long way away!). Ahh, I am very relieved!!

I have scheduled my next appointment for June 2, 2009. I will have a NT Scan performed which means I will be able to see the baby again. Yay!!

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