Friday, July 23, 2010

My Little Monkey.

Macy has decided that she wants me to hold her all of the time.  She has also decided that when I try to put her down, if she latches on tight and holds on for dear life I can't physically part from her.  Her feet will be touching the couch, bed, floor, whatever I am trying to put her down on but her arms are wrapped tightly around me.  Her grip is that of caveman strength and there is no getting away.  

She's so smart.  She's figured out that I think it's cute and I'll pick her back up and cover her in kisses.  It's nice feeling wanted but I am not sure how much longer I will think it's "cute".  Sometimes I really do need to part from her, like when I need to go to the bathroom or brush my teeth.  Side note - yesterday I did manage to pee with her in my arms.  Maybe TMI but I was impressed by my coordination skills that took and thought maybe you would be too.  

But seriously, how can I part from such a cute face?!

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