Thursday, July 15, 2010

We are back from the Bahamas!

Ahh, it's been a long time.  Man, I have REALLY neglected this ol' blog in the last few weeks.  But I can explain my absence.  Well, ok, I can explain half of my absence.  For a week I was in the Bahamas with Miss Macy.  And the other week I took off from blogging?  Umm, I just didn't feel like posting.  I had stuff to say but I was just too lazy to sit down and type it out.  Please forgive me, ok?  Ha, well, it's not like anyone reads this blog anyway.  It's more or less a baby book for Macy.  Ok, a R rated baby book but it's still a baby book nonetheless.  

Anyway, we arrived back from the Bahamas on Sunday evening and whew, I am still effing exhausted.  We had a great time but boy-oh-boy my girl is a lot of work.  Unfortunately, Jason was not able to go with us because he needed to stay back to work :(  This was decided at the last minute (like, the day before left) but Macy and I still went as planned.  Let me tell you, taking care of a baby all by yourself is a challenge.  Like, a BIG challenge.  Thankfully, there were only one or two times where I thought I wanted to bash my head into the wall.  Sounds dramatic?  Maybe it is, but caring for an infant for days on end without a break will drive you to craziness.  

Anyway, Macy loved the water.  She had the best time splashing around in the ocean and the pool.  But her greatest discovery?  The sand......and how to take her diaper off.  But that's another story for another time.  Anyway, Macy was mesmerized by the sand.  It's great seeing the world for the first time through a child's eyes, ya know?  She would grab a fistful of sand and watch it slip out of her hands in pure amazement.  Her expression was priceless.  She had a baffled look and I could see the confusion in her eyes wondering where the sand had disappeared to.  So what did she do when she discovered her hand that was once full of sand was empty?  Grab some more sand and the process repeated itself.  She was having a great time until she made her next discovery that sand in the mouth isn't much fun.  But even that didn't detour her love for the beach.

My poor girl looked like such a geek dressed up in her beach attire.  I lathered her up in so much SPF 85 sunscreen (believe it or not, they really do make sunscreen that high) that her skin glistened.  Read between the lines.....that's just a nice way of saying she looked like a greasy infant who desperately needed a bath.  Of course, I put the most ridiculous hats on her to protect her little scalp from burning.  And to top it off, I squeezed her into her the most adorable bathing suits that were probably a tad too small.  She really could have used a size up.  But she looked oh-so-cute!  The too small bathing suits accentuated her little pot belly just right.   ::squeeze::  Pot belly's are cute on her.  Just not on me.  

Check out how cute she is dressed and ready for a day at the beach.......

Check out her fat roll under her right arm.  OMG, I die.  

And of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without a picture of tiny little toes in the sand.....

I am looking forward to one day soon going back to the Bahamas.  Just next time, Daddy will be in tow.  Not just so we will have a family vacation but also because he is an obligated baby sitter ;)

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