Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap: The White Trash Bash and our Trip to the Beach

On Saturday we spent a lazy day outside enjoying the beautiful South Texas weather.  Jason decided to BBQ a brisket (which is an all day affair) while the baby and I played outside.  Since it was that kinda day, Jason and I decided to have a few adult beverages even if it was only 1 PM in the afternoon.  I was just about to pour my second glass of wine when reality hit and I burst into laughter.  OMG, if someone had taken a snapshot of my life, at that exact moment, I would have looked like a white trash hillbilly.  Here I was, at 1 PM, hanging out in my barn, holding the baby on my hip (who was in a diaper), trying to open my bottle of Boone's Farm Sangria, so I could pour it into my cup and drink it through a straw.  Did you get all that?!  Holy shit, taken out of context that sounds bad.  Really bad.  

But really, I can explain.  We like to BBQ.  And the only place to hang outside in the shade is in one of our many barns.  Oh, and I hardly ever drink.  But the mood struck me right and I decided to have a drink, even though it was only 1 PM.  The baby was in a diaper because it was too damn hot out for her to wear clothes.  Shit, if it would have been acceptable for me to take off my clothes I would have too.  It was that hot.  She was on my hip because she refused to let me put her down.  I know, I know, spare me the lecture on why I shouldn't hold my child all the time.  But I wanted to enjoy my afternoon and not listen to her cry.  And if holding her ensures that she won't fuss then that's what I'll do :)  

Ok, this is where I might loose some people.  Boone's Farm Sangria is my wine of choice.  No, I am not forced to drink this because we are that broke since I quit my job.  I actually prefer this Sangria to others.  Even if it comes in a twist off bottle and it is $2.49.  Hard to believe, I know.  The only other people who buy Boone's Farm are drunk high school kids who will drink anything cheap and fruity.  But seriously, give it a try sometime.  Other than the raging hangover you will get the next day, you would ever know the difference.  Don't believe me?  Well, if you have ever come to my house and have enjoyed my "homemade sangria" I just want you to know that it's really Boone's Farm.  I put it in a fancy glass pitcher, add some sprite and fresh cut fruit and it's "Kathy's Homemade Sangria".  Looks good, right?

On Sunday Jason, the baby, our dog and I all headed to the beach.  It was a great day.  I was a tad worried that the baby wouldn't be a good sport since she is teething but she had a blast and hardly fussed.  The beach in Texas doesn't compare to the beaches that we are accustomed to in Florida.  But it's a beach nonetheless.  And if you squint real hard, you hardly notice the trash.  Or the oil rigs in the skyline.  Or dead crabs that were washed up on the beach.  Where the crabs came from, I don't know.  I don't know if I do want to know.  

Look at all the trash.  Isn't it heartbreaking :(

And that structure you see in the sky line is an oil rig.  What an eyesore.

And a dead crab :(

But like I said before if you squint real hard the beach is beautiful.  I vow to start going more often.

And then this guy was a total monster.  

He may be old but he found his youthful energy yesterday at the beach.  He thought it was great fun to run through our beach blanket wet and full of sand.  The baby thought he was hilarious.  I didn't.  And I don't know if it were the gallons salt water he drank (despite the many times he was shown his water bowl.......with fresh water) or the Whataburger he ate on the way to the beach but this dog had horrible gas.  And it made for a long ride home.  

Check out how cute Miss Macy was.  She is such a beach baby.  

As soon as we got home, I put Macy in a bubble bath to get the sunscreen, sand and salt water off her.  She was full of smiles and happy to be back in the water.

Isn't she precious?!


KimR said...

Hi!! We were at Port Aransas Saturday and there were dead crabs everywhere! In defense of Texas beaches though, that's not normally the case. I don't remember every seeing dead anything laying all over the place like that.

lifeisbeachykeen said...

Whaaaaat Boones Farm is the shiiit. I prefer that fancy blue hawaiian stuff, but the sangria is pretty good too =)

Uhm, on Sunday Chris asked me if 11 was to early to start drinking.. uh, they don't even sell alcohol that early on Sunday, so I'm gonna go with yes on that one!

Glad you had a good time @ the beach, even if your dog was crazy, you had to look @ that ugly oil rig, and there were dead crabs!

Macy was having a good time, and she is super cute in her lil swimmy suit & her beach hat! Adorable!!

I love that toothless smile she has, how precious!