Wednesday, August 26, 2009

24 Week Poll!

How far along? 24 weeks and 3 days
Total weight gain/loss: I have more or less maintained my weight. Monday morning I was up 17.6 lbs.....down from last week
Maternity clothes? Yes, and I would really like some new ones. However, I have better things to spend my money on
Stretch marks? Still on my right hip. I *think* I am starting to get one by my belly button. I am hopeful it's not really a stretch mark
Sleep: This week my sleep was OK
Best moment this week: I had my first baby dream. Up until now it has just been pregnancy dreams
Food cravings: Milk.....yep, milk. I haven't had a glass of milk since I was about 4 years old!
Gender: I don't care one way or the other but I still think it's a boy
Labor Signs: No!
Button in or out? In
What I miss: Not much this week. I am happy with the way things are
What I am looking forward to: I know I say this every week but hopefully this week we will start on the baby's room
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy this phase of pregnancy. It won't be too long before I will be uncomfortable!

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The Novice Chef said...

It seem likes just yesterday you were announcing you were preggers and asking how to hide it at your birthday party! So exciting!