Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet the Big Brother and Big Sisters!

Jason and I have three dogs that we treat like they are our own children. They are very spoiled but will make for a great big brother and sisters!


Age: Who knows, she is a stray that was dropped off at our house.
Hobbies: Jumping fences, cleaning Lucky and The Little Girl daily, chasing rabbits, going for rides in the car and pleasing Jason and I
How will she handle the baby: She will think she is the mama!! Lady is very nurturing and we will have nothing to worry about with her.


Age: Will be 6 in December. He is becoming an old man
Hobbies: Sleeping, pooping, cleaning his man parts (or lack thereof), hanging out in the AC, going for walks and cuddling
How will he handle the baby: Lucky will do well. He will be curious at first but will adjust just fine. Lucky is very laid back and isn't bothered by much.

The Little Girl:

Age: Will be 4 in November
Hobbies: Pooping indoors, barking, terrorizing Lucky and eating
How will she handle the baby: I think The Little Girl will do so-so with the baby. She will be happy to have a baby in the house but she will definitely have to be separated. She bites everyone she meets but she is misunderstood!! Biting is her way of letting you know she likes you. Thankfully she doesn't bite hard but we will need to keep her away from the baby. Biting the baby is not ok!!

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