Wednesday, October 21, 2009

32 Week Doctor's Appointment

I just got back from my doctor's appointment and I am happy to report that everything is going well! Thankfully my swelling has been better the last few days so the doctor is no longer concerned about my water retention. However, I have developed carpal tunnel in my wrists and fingers which he informed me will only get worse from here on out. The good news is that my carpal tunnel will subside a few weeks after my pregnancy is over......or at least it should. I'm relieved that everything is on track and my discomfort will only be temporary.

The baby is progressing normally and had a steady heartbeat at 149 BPM. During my exam, the doctor had me place my hand on my lower abdomen and press down. I was relieved to know that the hard thing I was pressing on was the baby's head! I asked about the odds of the baby flipping at this point in my pregnancy and the doctor informed me that it's unlikely the baby will be breech or transverse. Yay! One less obstacle to a vaginal childbirth! I have had nightmares about having a c-section (well, to be fair I have also had nightmares about a vaginal delivery but the recovery time is much less!). Fingers crossed that 4 lb. Baby Jason stays head down!

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