Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How my life has changed.....

Now that I am 17 weeks sober, excuse me, pregnant, many things in my life have changed. I was thinking this morning my life is hardly recognizable anymore! I started compiling a list in my head and this is what I have come up with so far:
  • I can no longer sleep on my belly. It feels like a water balloon is about to pop in my stomach if I do so.
  • I can no longer sleep on my back. The pressure I feel from lying on my back is unbearable.
  • Sleeping on my sides are a pain in the ass. Every morning when I wake up my hips are sore.
  • The hair on my legs is growing 75% faster than my pre-pregnancy days.
  • I think my ass is growing at a faster rate than my belly......which is not good - the baby is not in my butt!!
  • I am giving Dolly Parton a run for her boobs are getting enormous! I have noticed creepy men checking out my chest now.
  • My fingers now resemble sausages. It won't be too much longer before I can't wear my wedding rings.
  • I think I am getting a ::gasp:: stretch mark on my hip. Say it isn't so!!!
  • I can't stay awake later than 8:30 on a weeknight or a weekend.
  • I eat like a pig.
  • I don't work out. Although I am doing my best to start up again.
  • I can't walk as fast as I once did.
  • I now lie in bed wondering how I am going to pay for things.
  • And lastly, I no longer drink anything but water. My Saturday nights are not as eventful as they once were!

As you can see, big changes have been made in my life. Some good and some not so good!! Even with the bad, I wouldn't trade anything for this experience!! I am so excited to meet the little one growing inside me that has already turned my life upside down!

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Shauna said...

Of course I am sure you are completely exaggerating on your backside growing. But if you do start caring more in the back then you may have a little boy on your hands. :o)
My cousin's first child was a boy and she really carried it in her butt and hips. She is now pregnant with a girl and she carries all up front. My mom also carried up front with my sister and I.