Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Again.....I am a Crazy First Time Mom!

Once again I called my OB to come in for an unscheduled visit yesterday. This time I was concerned about my swelling (which hasn't let up since week 24 in my pregnancy), my border line high blood pressure reading of 135/80 and my dull headache. I have read up on the internet that these are all symptoms of preeclampsia. Of course, reading up on any disorder will change a normal, level headed person into a hypochondriac, which is exactly what happened to me. Even though my next doctors appointment was two days later I kept thinking of the horror stories people have told me about what can go wrong during pregnancy.

Luckily, my doctor was very accommodating and had me come it right away. After being checked out nothing was wrong with me. My blood pressure was back down to a normal reading of 108 over some other number that I have since forgotten. I felt a little silly about freaking out over my high reading I got at Wal-mart but she assured me those machines are notorious for giving false readings......that made me feel a little less crazy!

The good news is the baby has dropped and is ready in position. I also got to hear the heartbeat which was 144 beats per minute.

I always feel like a bit of a drama queen when I call or come in for a unscheduled appointment. I have a fear that my doctor's office thinks I mistake their phone number for the complaint hot line. Honestly, I don't mind being uncomfortable just as long as the baby is healthy and so am I. I think I apologized to my doctor 100 times in the 7 minute visit I had with her!

Anyway, I will leave you with a picture of my swollen ankle. I have also included a picture of me with skinny ankles to prove that I am not a freak of nature! I am REALLY embarrassed to post this on my blog, but I want to document the good, the bad and the ugly of my pregnancy. I should also apologize for my ugly toes.....I haven't gotten a pedicure is quite some time. I am not about to put my feet and ankles on display in public! Maybe one day Little Baby Jason will have a great appreciation of me! And yes, those are fat rolls on my toes

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