Monday, November 23, 2009

I thought about calling the cops......

Last night I kept waking up to the sound of motorcycles. The noise went on until 2:00 AM and lasted for a few hours. My neighbor has a Harley Davidson and I thought for sure he was having a motorcycle party. I think I called him every curse word in the book. I was totally annoyed that A) he would have a party on Sunday night and B) they would be so inconsiderate to run their motorcycles at 2:00 in the morning. DIDN'T THEY KNOW I WAS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT??! After a few hours of trying to sleep through the noise I was ready to call the cops. Thankfully I was too lazy to get up and get my cell phone and I drifted back off to sleep. It was then that I noticed that wasn't motorcycle engines I was hearing.......that was ME snoring. I think even alone and in the dark my face turned bright red out of embarrassment. Thankfully I realized where the noise was coming from before I called the cops on myself. I would have really felt silly then!

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