Thursday, March 25, 2010

BIG news.....I mean BIG!

After much consideration, Jason and I have decided that it would be best for our family if I stayed home with Macy. That means I quit my job.....which means we will no longer have a second source of income.....which means holy crap, I'll be unemployed! I gave my notice yesterday but I am still not feeling 100% about my decision. Don't get me wrong, every second of the day I wish I was with Macy. I have been dreaming of becoming a stay at home mom for the moment I laid eyes on my little girl so I know deep down I am making the best decision for my family.

However, I'll admit I am not sure that I am not making the right decision professionally. When I graduated from college 7 years ago, I didn't intend to on becoming a SAHM. Unfortunately, I am not retiring, I am taking a break from working for a few years which means at some point I will be entering the workforce again. How will potential employers feel about my leave of absence from a professional setting? Will it hurt my competitiveness? Am I crazy for quitting my job during this recession? Maybe I can get some sort of part time job or go back to school to explain the gap?

And the whole paycheck's a scary thought to give up a second income. It allowed us to splurge on things that we didn't need but really wanted. Will this mean I will never be able to buy a new designer purse or buy fancy shoes? Will we now live paycheck to paycheck?

Even with these legit concerns deep down I feel like I am making the right decision. My family comes first. We will be able to get by on Jason's income and I can worry about finding my next job when that time comes. I don't think I can put a price on spending my days with Macy......even if it is a large price tag. Twenty years from now it won't be important that I had a good job. Twenty years from now it will be important that I had this time with Macy. These are times I will never get back.

I have so many things in store for Macy and I! There are so many things I want to do with her. Whether it's making trips to the beach on a lazy summer day, the library when she is old enough or travel to Orlando more regularly to see the grandparents I know quitting is the right decision. Macy will be so much better because of it.

So wish me luck in becoming a stay at home mom!

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