Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three things I couldn't live without!

During my pregnancy I spent MANY hours researching baby products for Macy. I wanted her to have the best items and I read millions of reviews online. A good portion of the items I bought were a complete waste of money. I, like many other first time moms, was convinced that my baby needed every product that was ever invented for babies. Three months later some of those items still sit in a closet in their original packaging. I am convinced that about 50% of the baby products on the market are designed for stupid moms like me who are eager to whip out their credit card. Those items are worthless and completely unneeded.

However, there are three items I bought that have been lifesavers! If it weren't for these items I would a) be insane and b) have no time for myself. The crazy thing is I just about convinced myself that I didn't need two of the items. They were on the bottom of my list for things I had to have for Macy. Just goes to show how dumb I was when I was pregnant.
1. Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing

This is one of the items I thought wasn't a necessity. Boy was I wrong. From day 1 this swing has been a lifesaver. It has given me the ability to put Macy down for a few minutes and get important things done - like going to the restroom or eating. For the most part Macy loves the swing and enjoys being in there. We have used this swing every.single.day since we brought Macy home, I seriously don't know what we would have done with out it! BTW, I am jealous that they don't make one it adult size. It looks so comfy.

2. Fisher Price Rain forest Play Gym

This is the other item I thought wasn't a necessity. Again, I was dumb. Now that Macy has gotten older she loves her play gym. I don't think she has ever cried while she was in it. She could spend hours in it and still be entertained. She loves to watch the lights flash and bat at the toys. It's a toss up who she loves more.....me or the stuffed toucan. Sometimes she gets so excited playing she squeals in delight.

The play gym has been a savior on many nights. Sometimes Macy gets fussy and the only thing that will shut her up is if we put her in the play gym. She will go from screaming to smiles in less that 7 seconds.

3. Medela Pump In Style Advance

This has been the one item that has allowed me to breast feed Macy up to this point. I could write a book on my struggles of breast feeding and this pump has been a savior. Macy is a lazy nurser which has caused me to have a low milk supply. I have worked hard over the last few weeks and because of this pump I have been able to eliminate formula in Macy's diet. The pump has also enabled me to go back to work (even if I don't want to be there) and continue breast feeding. I'll admit the motor on the pump is not quiet so it is a bit embarrassing to pump at work. I feel like Elsey the Cow. ::shrug:: Oh well, my mom instinct has kicked in and I put my baby's needs before my image.

There is one other lifesaver that I should mention. Macy's hands. Seriously, I don't know where I would be without those things! They are a gift from God!! I think she spends 3 quarters of her day with her hands in her mouth. The silly girl NEVER wants to take them out of her mouth. Even when it's time to eat. She screams like a lunatic because she can't figure out how to nurse and gnaw on her hands at the same time. Am I a bad mom because I laugh at her when she does this??!

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