Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am dreading getting on a plane with a baby.

I am going back home to Orlando with Macy for my BFF's wedding in March. By myself. I will be boarding a plane with a baby by myself. OMG, I will be on a plane with a baby BY MYSELF!! I have begged, pledged and bribed Jason to come to Orlando with me but he won't. I have so many fears about flying with a baby.....the least Jason could do was fly with me!!

Over the years, I have flown MANY times from Texas to Orlando. I don't think in the history of aviation there has ever been a flight into Orlando without a screaming child on it. Millions of kids every year fly to Orlando and I am always lucky enough to sit next to the screaming ones. I use to get annoyed by the ill behaved children and wonder "What the hell is wrong with their mom? Why won't she quiet her kids down?".

Well folks, I will be that lady on a plane with a screaming child. That is my number one biggest fear. After Macy's little crying attack last night I am so afraid that she will have a repeat when we are on the plane. How humiliating would that be? Seriously, I won't be able to bust out her play gym while we are 30K feet up in the air. What the hell will I do? Smile and apologize to everyone in a 10 row radius? Oh God, the thought of that almost makes me want to cry.

Also, how the hell am I suppose to feed Macy? The total amount of travel time will be 5+ hours and Macy will want to eat at least twice. I haven't braved nursing in public yet. I am scared to death to do so. First off, I am not coordinated enough not to show the whole world my business. When I feed her at home I don't bother wearing a shirt or a bra. Ummm, yeah, can't do that on the plane. I guess I could bring a blanket to cover up with but I don't see that as being successful either. Macy is a lot more animated these days and she gets so excited to eat she likes to wave her arms around in appreciation. She would rip the blanket right off.

I know they sell those breastfeeding shawls but I have one will I hide both my breasts AND my stomach/spare tire/love handles that I have acquired since having Macy??! Those shawls aren't long enough to cover both. Plus I don't want to fork out the $40 or whatever it is they cost.

I thought about bottle feeding Macy and then pumping in Houston in the family bathroom which is private. Well, I checked and Houston doesn't have a family bathroom. Really, I don't feel comfortable pumping any where else because the breast pump is not exactly discreet. The suction function is not quiet by any means. Plus, I kinda dread having to explain to the 25 year old, male TSA Agent that it's not really a bomb in my bag, it's just the motor to my breast pump.

One other thing, do I bring her stroller and car seat? Or should I carry her in the front baby backpack carrier thingy? Yes, I just asked if I should carry my baby in a carrier. I use to laugh when I saw people wearing one and think "Not me. You won't catch me dead in one of those things!". Well, now I find myself leaning towards putting Macy in baby carrier. Mostly because how will I get through security with a car seat and a stroller by myself? How is it possible for me to hold the baby (who at that point will probably be screaming), put the car seat and folded up stroller on the conveyor belt?? Again, Jason it would be nice for you to fly with me and offer an extra hand. ::hint, hint. there is still time to buy a ticket::

So, I will be that person who I never thought I would be. Style has been traded for practicality. But that's ok. It will all be worth it when I can show Miss Macy off to my friends in Orlando!!

But wish me luck. And lots of it. I will need it.


mzpinay said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and she will sleep the whole time. :-) Don't worry, most likely you won't see any of those people on the plane again. Anyone who can't understand a crying baby has issues anyway. ;-)

Amy said...

Kathy, I just bought a bebe au lait nursing cover. It is seriously the best thing ever! I'm not coordinated enough to do the blanket trick at all! This is like an apron and has a hoop so you can still see baby. So worth the $&!!