Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I Never Want to Forget!

In the last week or so I have really noticed Macy making developmental growth. It's exciting and sad at the same time. I love to see all the new things she can do but I am sad that she is growing up. I am so afraid that I will forget the cute things she does so I decided to make a list.....
  • When she was first born Macy would latch on anything and everything to try to find food. Jason had great fun sticking his nose in her face and having her latch on. She would give a few good sucks before realizing there was no milk and then she would scream bloody murder. She would also try to nurse off pillows, blankets, the remote control and even my elbow. Poor girl! She would look so silly with her lips perched and her eyes closed looking for her food source.
  • When she was first born she had trouble opening her eyes after a nap. She would try her hardest to get her eyes open but she couldn't! She would scrunch up her forehead for a few seconds until her little eyelids popped open. It was adorable! Occasionally she still has this problem in the mornings but for the most part she is coordinated enough to get them open.
  • Every time I put her in her rocking/vibrating chair she seems so startled when I turn it on. I love it! As soon as I hit the power button her arms fly straight out like she is trying to catch her balance.
  • She has now gotten more patient. He baby cries are so soft and cute. But when she was first born that was not the case. She only had two volumes - quiet and SCREAMING. Nothing in between! Looking back I get a smile thinking about what a lunatic she would turn into.
  • She gets frustrated breastfeeding sometimes. She will stick her arms out straight against my chest and lock her elbows. She screams like crazy because she can't get to my breast and she is hungry (well duh, you're an arms length away!). She starts bobbing her head in frustration until I bend her elbow and can get her closer to me. This is a continual thing!!
  • No matter how upset she is she will always stop crying when I change her diaper. And as soon as I get her clothes back on her she will pick up where she left off and start screaming again. Hmmm, I don't think this is a quality I want in my daughter!!
  • She is so cute at bath time......this is another time where she never cries. I see a connection - she is happy when she has her clothes off!! Anyway, when I pour water over her head she tries to lick the water drops that pass over her mouth. She reminds me of a dog!!! Jason gets a kick out of watching her!!
  • I think it's the funniest thing ever when she farts. It never gets old. We could be completely alone and I will still laugh out loud when she lets one go!
  • She is a great pooper. You can hear her blowouts from across the room!! It amazing me that something so small and cute to have such forceful explosions!!
  • I love her silent laugh. She hasn't quite figured out how to laugh but I see her trying. She will smile so big that her eyes squint up and her mouth opens real wide. I think shes on the verge of laughing but until then her silent laugh will do just fine!
  • I love when I wake her up in the morning. She is full of farts and smiles! I also love to watch her stretch. She gets her arms waving around above her head and it's just adorable.
  • Her favorite thing to do is go for a walk in her stroller. I don't think she has ever once cried when she was in her stroller. She loves to look around and see new sights!!
  • When she is in the car she will cry whenever I stop. She could be dead asleep but as soon as I hit a red light she is up and screaming!

These are the little things that I am afraid that if I don't write them down I will forget! Everything she does is so exciting and so darn cute!

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