Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Screw you Gisele....

Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her son on December 8, 2009 which was the same day I gave birth to Macy. I recently read on that Gisele was back in tiptop shape and doing photo shoots 6 weeks post partum. While I know I shouldn't compare myself to the most famous super model in the world, I can still hate her right? I never looked like Gisele prior to my pregnancy and I sure the hell will never look like her after I had a child. Victoria's Secret never asked me to model their lingerie. I am not 6 feet tall nor do I have 3% body fat that I am sure she has. I will never be married to Tom Brady and all of his millions of dollars. So screw you Gisele and your perfect body!

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