Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are You Nuts?

This past weekend I was talking to Jason about plans for our upcoming Anniversary.  It's not until September but when you have a baby and no money you have to make plans waaaayyyyy in advance.  Anyway, I was talking about either making a trip to Port Aransas or South Padre Island, both of which would require an overnight hotel stay.  

I thought it was assumed that the trip would include all three of us, Jason, Macy and I.  Silly me.

Jason assumed that the trip would be just the two of us and he mentioned getting a baby sitter........for an overnight trip.  

My response was "Are you nuts?'  

We then got into a debate on why I thought it was the dumbest idea ever.  But he told me to reconsider it because eventually, at some point, I will have to spend a night away from the baby.  

So I thought about it......

Hmm, leaving the baby overnight?  I don't know.  That sounds scary.  But really, it shouldn't be too hard.  Maybe he has a point, I mean, I can't spend every night with the baby for the rest of my life.   We will only be sleeping under separate roofs and only for one night.  Come on, other mom's do it.  Why can't you?

And then I started to panic......

But what if something goes wrong?  What if she needs to go to the hospital and I am not there to be with her?  And she NEEDS her mom.  I am the only one who can successfully get her to sleep so it would be complete insanity to leave her overnight.  Both the baby sitter and Macy will be miserable.  Oh and so will I.  I will be so miserable I won't even enjoy my trip without her.  And I would probably cry.  And have a panic attack.  

So after I thought about it, I responded with "Are you effing nuts?  No we are not leaving the baby."

Looks like we will be making our anniversary trip a family affair......


Hello Sneakers, Goodbye Heels said...

Haha, this made me laugh! It is so hard trusting anyone else with the baby. Even when my parents are watching her, I worry. I have been away from her overnight though--my mom watches her so I feel safe. And let me tell you, if you have someone to watch her that you fully trust, do it!! It is so worth it, it will renenergize you and your relationship! If not, have a great time anyway!

adrianne said...

just so your aware, this never goes away. Rain is going to be 7 and i still worry about her being gone, but i must say i tend to work myself up way more then the reality of the situation. Rain has absolutly no problem staying away from home, i mean when i take her to my moms for her week stays she dosnt even care to talk to me on the phone until like day 4 or 5. its almost bitter sweet, i can have some adult time but then i ask myself why dosnt she miss me? Go and have a wonderful time, having her will give you piece of mind !

Kathy M. said...

Well, I think I might have to start small! I will be on vacation with my parents, my husband and of course Macy next week. I think I might have Macy sleep in my parents condo a night or two and see how it goes. That way if I can't take it she will just been down the hall from us. Wish me luck!