Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Called the Doctor Once Again....

Yet again, I had to the call the doctor regarding Macy.  She has this crazy rash all over her body.  So when she woke up with it on Sunday, I knew that if it wasn't cleared up by Monday morning I would need to make a call on her behalf to her doctors office.  I was dreading this call because remember, they already think I am crazy.

Well, Monday morning rolled around and a phone call was in order.  So I called but I really made myself look like an wacko.  I totally did not help out my "I swear, I am not crazy" cause.

Here is the breakdown of events.  Some how, some way, I really manage to complicate things......

In order to speak with a doctor, my practice requires that you leave a message for them on their messaging service and then someone will call you back.  Ugh, annoying.  But whatever, just call me back and tell me what to do.  So I call the service......like I have MANY times in the last two weeks.......and I try to leave a message.  Ten seconds into my message and automated recording plays that says something along the lines of "to send this message please press 1, to replay this message please press 2, blah, blah, blah".  WTF?  Umm, I have never heard this recording before but it cut me off mid way through my message.  I didn't know what number to press so I just hung up.  Ugh, Great now I will have to call back. 

I call the number back, press all the appropriate numbers to get to Macy's doctor's mailbox and tried to explain that I left a message a few minutes ago and somehow I got cut off.  About half way through me trying to explain why I got cut off, I WAS CUT OFF AGAIN.  Eff me.  I haven't even begun to leave a message about what is the matter with Macy and I am cut off.  Looks like I will have to call back AGAIN.

So, when I called back this time I decided to leave a brief message about what is wrong with my daughter and leave it at that.   But before I got a chance to leave a call back number the damn answering service HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN.  Effffffff!  So like a physco, I called again to leave my phone number.

In case you lost count, I called a total of 4 times.  And I made myself look like a complete asshole.

About two minutes later I received a call from the doctors phone number.  I thought great.  I can explain to them something is wrong with the answering service and instead of looking like a crazy-ass-mom, they will think I'm actually awesome because I brought their messaging service problem to their attention.  I am sure they will even be GLAD I called.  

I picked up the call and it was the doctor's receptionist.   She wanted to know what exactly I was trying to say in my messages and why I called a total of 4 times in 3 minutes.  And she didn't much care to hear my *funny but helpful* story regarding their messaging service.  By trying to explain the snafu I only made myself seem a little more weird.  Well, that didn't go according to plan.  So much for trying to prove that I really am nice and not at all crazy.

To sum up the story, the doctor called me about 5 hours later and told me it's a rash that's going around and basically there is nothing I can do but wait it out.  

Well, I guess I went through all of that for a non-existent remedy.  

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