Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Baby Gap,

Please stop selling cute baby clothes.  I have a soft spot for your clothes but my wallet just won't allow me to splurge on your clothes anymore.  Any spare money I do have goes to you.  Why do I not have a problem shelling out $30 for an outfit my daughter can wear for about 3 months?  Doesn't something seem wrong with this?  The total amount of money I have spent on my daughters wardrobe is probably sickening.  I am not sure of the exact number but I'm better off not knowing.  Oh, and so is my husband.    

You are making it hard to resist cute outfits like this:

I want to fill up my online cart and press the purchase button.  Especially when you are offering 25% off.  Ugh.  Must.Fight.Back.The.Urge.  My will power is already being tested since I am on a diet and fighting back the temptation not to say screw it and eat a whole box of Oreos.


A mom who no longer has an income    

Just say no to Oreos and baby rompers.  

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