Friday, May 21, 2010

She thinks this dog is a riot...

This dog:

And I am not sure why.  Honestly, I think this dog is the biggest PITA that has ever walked the Earth.  Sounds a little harsh?  Well, this is a stray dog I found last August and I took her home thinking she belonged to someone and was lost.  I made up posters and called every vet clinic in a 50 mile radius to see if anyone called in a lost dog.  About 2 days after I brought her home she went into heat.  And then she escaped.  And made friends with the neighborhood boy dogs.  Ugh, great, just what I need.....even more dogs to add to my collection (we have 3 other dogs).  Anyway, we got her "fixed" and we remained puppy free, if you catch my drift.  For a while I was nervous on how to explain to the owners that I found their dog and had her fixed once they contacted me.  But that day never came.  I am still holding on to someones dog almost one year later.  And I have refused to name this dog because I am hoping they will call.  As you can tell I am not ready to admit that she is officially ours  ::sigh::

The thing that drives me crazy about this dog is she is not potty trained nor does she ever intend to be.  I let her run and play outside for hours and when I finally let her back in she pisses all over my floor.  And then she gives me a look of "oh thank god you let me in, I don't think I could have held it any longer".  Do you know how frustrating it was cleaning up after her multiple times a day when I was 9 months pregnant.  Yeah, I have called this dog a few choice words.  

Another things she does that drives me freakin' crazy is she barks all the effing time.  And she wakes the baby from her naps.  There is nothing worse than sitting down for a few minutes to myself when the effing dog barks and startles my sleeping baby.  This dog is lucky she can run fast because I might have killed her had I caught her.  

But before you go reporting me to the authorities because I am not fit to own this dog know that I would never do anything to harm her.  Because my baby thinks she is an effing riot.  That's right.  I have no idea why.  This dog just has to be in Macy's line of sight and she cracks up laughing.  Not giggles but belly laughs.  Our other three dogs?  Ehh, Macy doesn't really care for them but she loves this little white dog.  

Somethings I will never understand.....  

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