Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Trip to the Beach.....

This past week Jason, Macy and I were in Florida to visit the Grandparents.  Ok, well, Jason went to fish.  But anyway, I was able to take the baby for her first beach trip.  We went to Honeymoon Island and it was a great time.  Here's some pictures of our trip......Miss Macy is teething so she refused to take her thumb out of her mouth that day.  

The only mishap of the day was my crazy tan.  I lathered the baby up with SPF 85 so she would avoid a sun burn but stupid me didn't realize her lotion would rub off on me and leave me with crazy tan lines.  Ummm, it looks like I have some sort of skin condition.  My arms, my legs and my chest are blotchy and I am afraid that this tan will stick with me for the rest of the summer.  WTF.

Check out this picture of my leg.  Isn't my tan lovely?  It will go well with my new makeover.

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