Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mommy Makeover!

I decided that I was in desperate need of a makeover because I had let myself go since becoming a mom.  I mean, I really let myself go.  The final straw was on my last week of work when the hem on my pants broke.  Instead of restitching them like a normal person I stapled them.  ::sigh,, good lord, I reached a new low.  And I officially crossed the line into becoming a total slob::  I am pretty sure a stapler should never be considered as an alterations tool.  

Jason, the baby and I are currently visiting in Orlando and I thought there would be no greater place than here to jump start my makeover.  Orlando is the land of shopping opportunity and I have been taking full advantage. 

First, I decided to cut my hair and give it some style.  This was a big decision for me.  I had really long hair (like freakishly long) so I was really nervous to see it go.  But I was tired of my hair and the work it required.  I was ready for a change.  So last Friday I went from this:

To this:

Next, I decided to go shopping for some new clothes.  I decided it was time I stop wearing my maternity clothes since I am 5 months post partum.  While it was a tough pill to swallow buying two sizes larger that my pre-pregnancy days it was something I needed to do.  So, these are some of the items that I have purchased for the new me......

I also purchased the following accessories.....

I purchased many more items but I couldn't find any pictures on the internet to post.  Anyway, I am off to a good start on my new look.  Now I just need to drop the weight, which is my next project.

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mzpinay said...

I'm sure you looked fabulous pre-makeover! And I don't judge the stapling..... I go for months without stitching my pant hems. lol I love that stripped dress. Very cute!