Friday, May 28, 2010

My Attempt at Photography

Back when I was pregnant I announced that I wanted to learn how to take pictures and I needed a better camera.  So in August of last year my parents bought me a Nikon D40 for my new "hobby".  Whatdoyaknow, that idea fizzled out fast and I never learned how to use the damn thing.   I only used my DSLR camera for nothing more than point and click pictures.  What a waste, right?

But now I am sick of looking at my crappy pictures that are so......blah.  And I have decided to give this whole photography thing another shot.  I am currently in the process of learning how to use my new fancy camera.  I have been doing some online tutorials to help me get familiar with my camera.  Slowly but surely I am learning how to take pictures in something other than in automatic mode.  I have a looooonnnnnggg way to go before I really start taking quality pictures but I thought I would share some of the recent pics of took of Miss Macy.  God forbid anyone with any real knowledge of a camera looks at my pictures.  They would laugh at the amateur quality......

I have more pictures but for some reason they are lost in my computer.  Ugh.  Note to self: after I learn how to use my camera I must learn how to use my computer.  Why am I so slow when it comes to technology.  Is there a Senior Center that would allow me to enroll in some of their classes?  Anyway, these are some of the best pics I took.  And I took a ton.  Apparently, 1 out of 99 pictures I take turns out ok.  

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