Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The One Where She Pooped on my Sweater in Public....

Yet another poop story.....

Each year at tax time, Jason and I travel to McAllen, Texas to get our taxes done with a guy who specializes in Border Patrol expenses.  McAllen is a border town that is about 1 hour away from our house.  Jason hates to travel to McAllen but I love it because it's a real city and has more restaurant options other than Mexican food.

So our plan for was to get down to McAllen, get our taxes done and eat at a restaurant of my choice.  Awesome....I never get to pick the restaurant!

Well, I should have known that things never go according to plan.  Nothing worked out in our favor that day.  Remember how I said that McAllen was 1 hour away?  Well, McAllen is really 1.5 hours away.  Whoops.  We were a half hour late to our appointment.  Luckily, the CPA was kind enough to see us when we arrived.  All three of us piled into the CPA's office to review our expenses for the year.  Well actually, this is how it went.....Jason talked expenses with the CPA while I tried to entertain a squirmy 4 month old.  About half way through our hour appointment I noticed Macy stunk.  Like really bad.  But I decided not to change her because  I wasn't sure how much longer the appointment would go or if the tiny little office even had a bathroom.  I thought about changing her on the floor but I wasn't sure on how keen the CPA would be with that.  So I just let her sit in her dirty diaper and planned on changing her once we got back to the car.    

This would be mistake #1.

Mistake #2 would be wearing a white sweater.

I totally should have trusted my nose and changed Macy at the first smell of her nasty diaper.  Because the longer I let her sit, the longer the nastiness from her diaper was able to ooze out.  Yes, ooze out.  It oozed out the front of her diaper, the back of her diaper and at the legs.  Basically shit was coming out at the seams.  The best part about it was I was oblivious to the fact that Macy had a diaper failure.  Not only was it ALL OVER her cute pink outfit but it was all over my white sweater......and I had no clue.  No wonder why the CPA wouldn't make eye contact with me.

OMG, do you know how mortified I was when I actually realized that I had shit all over my sweater?  I didn't figure out I was drenched in poop until I got down to my car to change the baby in the back seat.  I sat through AT LEAST a half hour of our appointment with shit on my sweater!!  I wanted to crawl into a hole and die!

To top everything off I forgot to pack a clean change of clothes in Macy's diaper bag so the baby had to ride home in her diaper.  And my plan of going to a nice restaurant was replaced by a trip through McDonald's drive thru.

But hey, she is the only person who can shit on me and I will think it is funny.  That spells true love.

And since I FINALLY figured out how to right click on my new Mac, I will leave you with the picture I wanted to post yesterday.  It's of me and Macy on my first day home as a stay at home mom.  Don't mind her nakedness.......she just barfed on her third outfit of the day and I decided our washer needed a break.  Oh, and the quality sucks.  It was taken with my cell phone.  

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