Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So, I guess this is what they call teething.....

Because Macy has been fussing non-stop for the last week.

Like, really fussing.  

She fusses for about 75% of the day, no joke (I wish I was).  Poor thing......and poor me.  It's mentally exhausting for me trying to soothe her so I can only imagine how exhausting it is for her.  Ugh, it breaks my heart to see her this way.  

To make matters worse, we just got back from an 11 day vacation to Florida where she was held every waking hour of the day.  Now that we are home she expects the same treatment.  And I'm a sucka.  So not only am I mentally exhausted from trying to distract her from her teething pain, but I am also physically exhausted from lugging her around all day.  

Oh and while we were in Florida I didn't stick to her schedule so her sleeping pattern got all out of whack.  Stupid me.  I am paying for it now.  Bedtime has not been fun in my house since we got back to Texas.

Also, when I was in Florida I decided to stop breast feeding and I switched Macy over to formula.  The transition from breast milk to formula has not been a smooth one.  She is having major gas issues and I am convinced that the formula is the culprit.  

So this has been the perfect storm of things that could disrupt Macy's routine.  It seriously breaks my heart to see my girl fuss like this.  I would do anything to make her feel better.  Today I was so desperate to try to calm her I told her that her daddy would buy her a pony if she stopped crying.  It didn't work.  But at least now I am off the hook for buying her a pony, right?

Here is one pic I managed to take of her today when she wasn't crying.  I tried forever to get a pic of her and her two little teeth but no such luck......maybe I will get lucky tomorrow.  

She is such a cutie pie......even if she does fuss for hours on end.  Love my baby girl!

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