Friday, May 21, 2010

Good news and the bad news....

The good news is I *think* I have solved the mystery of Macy's crying fits.  It seems it was her formula that was causing her to turn into a complete maniac.  Two nights ago I ran to Wal-Mart in desperation and picked up a new brand of formula.  This is what has saved my sanity:

It's amazing that I was so slow to put two and two together and figuring out it was the formula that turned Macy into a monster.  Yeah, I'm no detective.  But I am happy to say that she been in better spirits since she made the switch.  It's nice to have my old baby back!

Now on to the bad news.......the formula has given Macy the worst smelling gas.....ever.  No joke.  Like, she could clear a room in 5 seconds flat.  OMG, it's really bad.  I am convinced there were a few times yesterday that she starting crying because even she couldn't stand the smell of her gas.  It's amazing she can produce something so......for a lack of a better word.......vile.  I feel a little guilty describing my daughter's gas as vile but really, it's impressive.  

And then there are her poopy diapers.  Ugh, they take your breath away.  And not in a good way.  Holy shit (literally), they are gag worthy.  I had to cover my face with my shirt this morning when I was changing her.  

So, hopefully her body will adjust ASAP (or I learn to love the smell) so I will be able to stand in the room with her without wearing a gas mask.  But regardless, I will put up with her foul smelling gas over her non-stop fussiness any day!  Glad my girl is feeling better!  

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