Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to Wearing My Wedding Rings!

The last time I wore my wedding rings was back in August of 2009.  That was the point in my pregnancy that my swelling became out of control.  So for the last half of my pregnancy I had to deal with complete strangers giving me the side eye because I was an unwed pregnant girl.  Also, I'm sure people who knew me were secretly questioning if Jason and I were having marital problems.  I just assumed that once I had the baby, I could just pop my rings back on and people would stop judging and questioning my marriage.  In the mean time, I made sure I told lots of stories about Jason and I was sure to only refer to him as my husband and never by his first name.  I wanted people to know I was married so I talked about my husband to anyone who would listen. 

Then I started to worry that since I wasn't wearing my wedding rings and I was speaking about my husband people would think that I had a shotgun wedding and we got hitched because I was knocked up.  So then I decided I should start talking about my wedding to my husband all.the.time so people would get the hint that yes, I was married and no, it wasn't a shotgun wedding. 

Between all this talk about my husband, my wedding and my baby people probably thought I was the most self-involved person........ever.  Now that I think back I should have just worn a shirt that says "I'm pregnant, I'm married, It wasn't a shot gun wedding and my rings no longer fit" and saved everyone the trouble of having to listen to me blab about myself. 

Well, my plan of being able to wear my rings after I had Macy didn't go accordingly.  Four months after Macy arrived I STILL couldn't get my rings on.  I guess having a baby really did a number on my body.  Ugh, I was still dealing with the side eye from complete strangers who were judging me because they thought I was unwed mother.  Seriously, I caught myself telling my same old stories about my wedding or my husband

Finally I broke down and took my rings to the jeweler to have them resized.  Could you believe that my rings needed to be sized ONE WHOLE SIZE LARGER?!  I went from a size 5 to a size 6.  Holy crap, what happened to 5.5??!  Was I that much of a fat ass during my pregnancy that I needed a full ring size larger?  Apparently so! 

Oh well.  Anyway, I am happy to be wearing my wedding rings and not having to talk about my husband or my wedding so much.  Here's a picture of my engagement ring taken on my wedding day.  I love it so much and I can't stop staring at it!


Hello Sneakers, Goodbye Heels said...

Oh my gosh, I could have written this post! I too no longer fit in my size 5 rings because I swelled up so badly during my 3rd trimester. I think my knuckles are permanently larger. I gave in and had them resized to 5 1/2. I can get them on now, but they are still very snug. I wish I had gotten them bigger. I'm hoping that I'm still retaining water...HA!

Kathy M. said...

I am scared to see what happens with baby number 2! Yikes....I don't want to know how big my fingers will get!