Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dude, you put her clothes on backwards

First off, I have to say that Jason is WONDERFUL with Macy.  He is a very hands on Dad and jumps right in to offer a hand with the care of her.  In the mornings he is the one who tends to Macy while I finish getting ready for work.  I am thankful for his assistance and it makes my mornings a tad less stressful having his help.  He makes sure she's feed, has her diaper changed and gets her dressed for the new day. 

I have learned from experience to pick out Macy's outfit for the day.  Jason can pick out some....errr....how to say this nicely.....creative outfit combos when left to his own devices.  He has a hard enough time picking out something for himself to wear (thank goodness he wears a uniform to work!) let alone an outfit for the baby.   

Anyway, last week I picked out this outfit for Jason to dress Macy in......

It's a super cute outfit that my mom picked up at Nordstrom for Miss Macy.  Well, I finished getting myself ready for work and grabbed the baby to get her in the car seat when I look down and noticed that Macy has her clothes on backwards. 

Me:  Umm, Jason, why did you put her clothes on backwards? 

Jason:  Her clothes aren't on backwards.  The buttons are in the front....duh.

This is the back of the top looks like.....
It's hard to make out from the picture but there are tiny buttons on the back of the swing top.  I about died laughing because he was totally serious and in his mind it made sense.  He argued that in all of his shirts the buttons go in the front.  He doesn't own one single shirt that has buttons in the back.  So ha, I was clearly the idiot on this one.

Ugh, this type of logic would only make sense to a man.  Us women we are smart enough to figure out that the duck belongs in the front.  That would be giveaway #1.  Give away #2 would be that the back of the top is in an upside down "Y" shape to show off the cute little ruffles on the bloomers.  I mean if this was the front of the shirt wouldn't you think it's a tad revealing for a 3 month old?!  Seriously, they don't make belly shirts for 3 month olds.  

He did mention that he initially thought the outfit was a little hookerish.  You think?!   

I hope this doesn't come off as sounding like I a harping on him or don't appreciate his help.  Actually it's the exact opposite.  But it's great having him around to keep me laughing!  Ahhh, men and women are so different on many levels!

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