Monday, April 12, 2010

OMG, Macy slept in her crib last night!

I say this as if Macy is the one who actually has issues sleeping in her crib.  Nope, that's not the case.  At all.  She did fine.  She couldn't care less where she sleeps.  It's me who has attachment problems.  I got up to check on her 59 gazillion times and each time she was fast asleep......without me.  I was relieved that it wasn't a battle to get her to sleep but.....::tear::....she doesn't need me to sleep. 

Ugh, I am crazy, right?  What is wrong with me?  I should be ecstatic that my child isn't so dependent on me.

I think the first week of this transition will be the hardest and after that I will ENJOY having a baby free bed.  I kinda think it will be like going back to work.  OMG, the first week of work was horrible!  But little by little it got easier to leave her.  I am hoping that's the case because our bed felt empty last night.  When I wasn't checking on Macy (and I was actually sleeping) I dreamt about her.  Seriously, I had about 10 dreams that revolved around Macy.  That's how much I missed her. 

But I'll admit it was nice to get uninterrupted sleep without an infant kicking me in the abs.  My confidence in our decision to move her was further reinforced when I got Macy out of crib at 5 AM and I found her flipped in her crib.  How does she manage to move so much while sleeping?!

Oh and yes, you read that right.  At 5 AM I caved because I couldn't make it through the whole night without Macy.  I had to have an hour of Macy snuggle time before I started my day!

In other news, Macy had her 4 month check up on Friday.  My little girl weighed 12 lbs 12 oz and was 24 inches long.  She is getting so big!  She had to have her 4 month shots which were heartbreaking.  Poor thing had no idea what was coming and then BAM, someone is jabbing needles in her legs.  She was a champ and only cried for a minute or so.  Luckily she doesn't have to have her shots again until 6 months. 

But wish me luck that I keep up our new sleeping arrangement!  It is the best for everyone involved!

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