Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fiasco of Macy's Two Month Shots

I don't know why I don't write about this stuff when it happens?  Macy is almost 5 months old and I am just now writing about her 2 month shots?  Why it never occurs to me to write stuff until a few months or so has passed is beyond me.  So for the mean time, you will just have to hear my outdated Macy stories, ok?

Anyway, back in February I had an appointment for Macy to get her two month shots.  At the time I scheduled her appointment, I didn't pay much attention (which seems to be a reoccurring problem of mine) to the date and time.  So once February actually rolled around I had to reference Macy's Appointment card, which was written by the doctor's receptionist.  The card read that Macy's appointment was Friday February 5th at 2 PM.  This kinda struck me as odd because Macy was born on December 8th so technically February 5th isn't her 2 month birthday.  But whatever, that's what the card said so the baby and I were there. 

I did have to pull some strings to get off work that day.  I just got back from Maternity leave that Monday and my vacation time and sick leave balance was at ZERO.  I had to work an additional hour each day in order to hit 40 hours for the week.  Oh and BTW, I live an hour away from Macy's Pediatrician’s office.  We live in the middle of freakin' nowhere so I have to travel a total of two hours to get to and from her appointments.  This only added to the time I had to be away from work which in turn added stress to my first week back.  Humph. 

Well, sometimes people don't write clearly. And sometimes a 8 can look like a 5.  As in February 5th vs February 8th. And I had to learn this the hard way.


So you could understand how incredibly pissed I was when the receptionist told me in a not so nice tone that I didn't have an appointment that day and I would have to come back on Monday February 8th.  What?!  Surely you can squeeze me in today?  Nope.  The doctor has a policy that vaccinations can't be give early and I would have to come back the following Monday. 

I explained my dilemma to the receptionist about my lack of sick/vacation time and the inconvenience of having to travel to their office.  I asked her if she could please ask the doctor if they could make an exception.....just this one time......because I just went through a lot of effort and I don't want to do it again.  I mean both December and January had 31 days so that should count for something, right?! 


Now I was totally pissed off and I was trying to find the appointment card that said the "5th" to prove it was their eff up and not mine.  Of course I couldn't find it.......of course I left in on the kitchen counter that morning. 

Not only did I look like an idiot because I showed up on the wrong day but now I looked like an ass because I yelled at the receptionist and I didn't have any proof to back up my claim.......but I had a plan.  I was going to go home, find the card, bring it to my appointment on Monday and prove that she was the idiot and the ass. 

Once I got home the first thing I did was find the appointment card and discovered that "5" was actually an "8". 


So on Monday I tucked my tail between my legs and took Macy to her doctor's appointment.  With a much better attitude this time. 

Anyway, on a happier note, here's another great picture of Macy the baby sitter took!!  Isn't she precious?!

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