Monday, April 5, 2010

The one where I almost named my daughter Jason....

I feel like I have a million and one stories from my hospital stay when I delivered Macy. My excuse for having so many stories is I was hyped up on drugs for a majority of my stay. Also, I was a first time mom who had no idea what I was doing. That combo right there has given me plenty of material for my blog.

Anyway, I almost named my daughter Jason. No joke. The birth certificate paper work was filled out with "Jason Elwood Meier" in the baby's name section. I'm aware that the title of my blog is "and baby Jason makes 3" but that was not my actual intent. If it weren't for an observant hospital employee who called as I was checking out then Macy would instead be Jason Jr.

Like I mentioned many times before, I was hyped up on drugs for a few weeks after my C-Section. Especially in the hospital. I was taking 3 lortabs at one time. I was in no shape to place my dinner order without assistance so why I thought I could fill out the legal paper work is beyond me. Why did nobody double check the paper work I turned in?! Because I totally filled it out incorrectly.

Before Macy was born we had two names set aside. Macy for a girl and Chase for a boy. We decided this MONTHS before the delivery date but when it was time to put the name down on legal forms I totally panicked and couldn't do it. I needed more time. Self doubt kicked in and I decided I didn't want to name the baby Macy. I needed the 3 remaining days in the hospital to try to think of a new name. The hospital staff decided to give us more time to come up with a name but in the mean time they requested I fill out the forms with mine and Jason info. OK, sounds easy. I can do that. I did what I was told and filled out the mother's and father's info and left the baby's info blank......or so I thought. Apparently, I filled out the mother's info with my name, left the father's info blank and filled in the baby's info with Jason's name. Umm. Yeah. No. This was incorrect. This would have been bad.

The forms read that Katherine Noble gave birth to a baby girl named Jason Elwood Meier who had an unknown father.

Irreverent back story: At the time I was still using my maiden name. I never got around to changing my last name after I got married, which was 2.5 years prior. Whoops. They referred to my husband as Mr. Noble in the hospital. Hehehe. That was the final straw for my husband who made me change my last name to his after I was discharged. But that's another story for another time.

I filled out the paper work on the first day of my stay (when I was super doped up on drugs) and totally forgot about updating the birth certificate/social security info once we decided that Macy would be the baby's name after all. Once day four rolled around and I was ready to be discharged the paper work was the last thing on my mind.

Thankfully an observant hospital employee called to double check that I indeed wanted to name my newborn baby girl Jason. It was then I remembered I forgot to call and add the baby's name. The hospital employee said that usually they call the parents to remind them when they notice the baby's info is left blank. But stoopid me filled in the father's info in the wrong fields. If it were anyone else, who more than likely wouldn't be paying attention, they would have overlooked my mistake and filed the paper work. And I would have a daughter named Jason Elwood Meier.

OMG, could you imagine what a mess that would be to straighten out?!

So who thought it was a good idea to let me fill out the paper work in the first place? I was so hyped on drugs it wasn't even funny. Seriously, I was taking 3 lortabs at a time for the pain. Obviously I was a little loopy. But I swore I was totally cool and could manage filling out the paperwork. Umm, yeah. Next time I have a baby please nobody let me fill out the paper work!

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