Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tell me my baby is cute...or else

The last post reminded me of the time when I almost tackled an old lady while shopping with my husband.  Yes, I am not above tackling little old ladies when it comes to my baby.  Here's how the story went....

Jason and I were out shopping on a Sunday afternoon.  I agreed to go to his favorite store of all time, Surf Club Records, so he can get some new CD's.  We walk into the store with the stroller and an old lady from across the store sees us.  She makes a beeline over to the stroller, peaks her head in, kinda gives a weird look and walks away.  SHE JUST WALKED AWAY.  No comment on how adorable my baby is, no question about her age, no smile, nothing.  WTF was that?  How do you make it a point to check out my baby and not give me any feed back?  What - do you not think she is cute?  Because if that's the case then you seriously need to get your eyes checked.  Oh and I am going to kick your ass too.  All I could do was watch this lady walk away with my jaw on the floor.  It was in that instant the thought crossed my mind that I should tackle her and demand a nice comment about my baby.  Then I decided that would not be a good idea.  I mean, the press isn't always forgiving in instances like these.  The headline would probably not read in my favor.  And plus I didn't want to spend time in jail when I could be with my baby.  So I refrained.  And called her every curse word under my breath. 

Stupid B. 

Yeah, I am going to have to get over this.  People won't always be nice to my little girl.  And I can't go around kicking everyone's ass because they don't think Macy is as special as I do. 

Or can I????


OMG Mom said...

Your blog is soooo funny! I love it! I think we would be friends in real life. That old lady was probably in a hurry to get to the bathroom, so don't sweat it. Or maybe she didn't speak English...:)

Kathy M. said...

Aww, thanks! I need more friends!