Thursday, April 1, 2010

Um....dis not werking kid

This picture comes to mind when I think about Macy's sleeping situation. I think this picture is hilarious and I finally figured out a way to incorporate it into my blog. Yay! Anyway.....we were talking about Macy's sleeping situation.....yeah, it's not good. It's not good for me that is. Baby sleeps. Mama is awake all night.

I guess I should make the confession that Macy sleeps in the bed with me. She has from day one and it has worked great. Up until now. I know, I know, I deserve to be flamed because ::gasp:: I let my baby sleep in my bed. Well....I also feed her to go to sleep and that's another no-no. So there, I got everything out. Flame away.

But now Macy is more mobile, even in her sleep. Last night I woke up to her kicking me in the face. Twice. This morning I woke up and her feet were at my head. Some how she scooted her butt so much that she did a 180* flip in her sleep. This is not good on many levels. First of all, who's to say that she won't scoot her butt right off the bed. That would not be good. Plus, I would feel horrible because EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER has told me to put Macy in her crib at night. Secondly, I am not sleeping much because I am waking up to her butt in my face. I can tolerate her gassiness more so than other people's but when it's in my face I draw the line. Third, I don't want to create a monster who will never sleep in her own bed. When she is 25 and still sleeping with me I won't think it's so cute.

So why can't I get Macy out of my bed? Because I can't stand the thought of not having her next to me at night.....even if she kicks the crap out of me. I am still using my dumb excuse of it's too cold at night for her to sleep in her bed. It's not much of an argument. Especially now that it's Spring. Actually, I don't have any justification with my excuse but I am sticking to it nonetheless. Jason just rolls his eyes when hears my lame excuse (and rightfully so).

Anyway, next week I am hoping to make the transition to having Macy sleep in her crib. I have a feeling it might take ME awhile to do so and she will be just fine with the move. So wish me luck!

I will leave you with a recent picture of my daughter. Isn't she the cutest baby ever??! Gosh, I just love her to pieces! Please excuse the quality. It was taken with my cell phone!

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OMG Mom said...

eeek shes adorable! Mia wants to be her friend! Mia sleeps in our bed and shes almost 8 months old. i like having her there and i have no clever excuse. oh well???....