Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OMG, they really gave me a baby?!

Sometimes I forget that Macy is my baby.  I should clarify.....I don't forget about Macy, I just forget she's mine.  It just seems so weird to me that I am a mom.  Sometimes I feel like I am just the baby sitter.  I still haven't wrapped my mind completely around that concept that I actually have a baby.  It seems so......adult.  I am 28 (about to be 29 in 4 days.  But hey, I am still going to live in denial that next week at this time I will be 1 year older and I am going to stick to the age of 28.  Not 28.999999, just 28) but I still consider myself a teenager.  Mentally that is.  Unfortunately, I look my age  ::sigh::  I just don't act it. 

Ugh, now I am off topic since I went on a tirade about my age/looks and forgot where I was.....

Oh yes, I forget that Macy is my baby.  Seriously, they actually let me have a baby?!  Wow, that's so cool.  It's like that feeling when you got your first car.  You feel so mature, so grown up.  And you wash your new car like every other day.  And sometimes you look out the window just to stare at it in the driveway.  It's such a awesome feeling to know that that's YOUR car.  Not your parents, not anyone else's, it's YOUR car!  It's like those feelings x's 100 when you become a mom.  Just this time, instead of people commenting on my sweet ride they better comment on my adorable baby (which reminds me of a topic for another blog post). 

Every night I watch my baby sleep.  I have to.  I need that moment to take it all in.  That's when it hits me the hardest that I am a mom.  I feel so lucky that they actually allowed me to take her home.  And she's all mine.  This is the most adult thing I have ever done.  And the most important one too. 

Since I don't have a recent picture of Macy I thought I would do a walk down memeory lane and include a picture from the hospital.  This one makes me smile every time.....

Boy, she is pissed!  She makes me smile so much!  I am so lucky to have her in my life!

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