Monday, April 19, 2010

What's that in your hair?!

This past weekend my parents came out to visit.  They claim they came for my birthday.  But really, I know the trip was solely to see Macy.  I'm no dummy.  They just needed an excuse to see the baby.  Ha!  But even still, I enjoyed our weekend as it's always fun to see my parents.  I love to see their faces when they see Macy and all the progress she has made since their last visit.  Macy was oh-so cute and won over their hearts (again) with her million dollar smile. 

Anyway, my mom offered to grab Macy out of her crib after a nap (and I use the term "offered" loosely.  I don't have much of a choice.  When my mom's around I don't get to hold Macy much!!  Just kidding mom........but not really).  When she got her out of her crib Macy's hair was a mess.  Like, a total mess.  It was all matted and a little crunchy.  I made a comment about her hair and my mom said something along the lines of yeah, I think she puked in her bed, it must have gotten in her hair too. 

I got a good laugh and then headed to the crib to change her sheets.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that's not puke in her bed......that's poop.

And, that means Macy's "do" is attributed to poop in her hair.  OMG, my baby has shit in her hair!  And it's all over her clothes.  And it soaked through her sheet.  And it soaked through the waterproof mattress pad.  Wait, I thought the mattress pad was waterproof?!  WTF?!  I guess waterproof =/= shitproof?  Where do I find a shitproof mattress pad?  Because I need one of those ASAP..... 

Remember my post on how this kid does laps around the bed when she sleeps? Yeah, she's still doing that. Just this time she had a shit trail that marked where she was.

Poor baby!  She got clean sheets and a bath within a matter of seconds!
I don't have any pics for proof......wish I did, they would be good blackmail pics in about 16 years.  So I will leave you with another picture my baby sitter took of Miss Macy.  Isn't she precious?!  Even if she does shit in her hair......


Adrianne said...

to funny... Rain did this when she was about 10 months i would say, but she had pulled her diaper off, and was playing in it.. then she got it in her mouth and didnt like it then started crying... and now that she was crying she wanted to suck on her hand to calm herself, problem being she had poop on it the more upset she got the more she would go to stick her hand in her mouth, you get the point.. but its so funny to think back on now. it was everywhere she had rubbed it all over her crib and wall, i think she had even thrown some out onto the floor.. thank goodness Ryann was there to help me with that one !!!

Kathy M. said...

Hahaha! I kinda remember you telling me about this. Poor baby!